5D Healing Crystals

Gem Red Spinel faceted Tanzania

₱6,500 ₱8,000

7 inches wrist

Spinel is associated with energy renewal, overcoming difficult circumstances and rejuvenation. It opens all the chakras due to the wide colour range and helps kundalini energy move up the spine. 

Spinel is a stone of revitalisation. It can stimulate any of the chakras, as well as the meridian system, bringing fresh energy where it is most needed.

It is an excellent aid for reducing fatigue and repleting depleted energies on all levels It supports the physical body in recovery from illness and trauma. Spinel promotes physical vitality, refills energy and eases exhaustion.   Spinel is a very soothing stone, as it calms and relieves stress, anxiety, PTSD and depression. This stone is for mental rejuvenation and is invigorating. Spinel detoxifies the body and is particularly useful when fasting, or are using natural diuretics and natural cleansing teas. This stone encourages moderation in all things, including food and sleep.

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