5D Healing Crystals

Golden azeztulite


Rare #Golden #Azeztulite

Azeztulite is said to have originated from star beings called The Azez, which means “Nameless Light”.
This stone served as a tool to #communicate and to facilitate their #inter-dimensional travels.

The Azez spoke about these stones as wonderful and beneficial gifts for those who are searching for light and universal #love.

When used in combination with Prasiolite, this stone is believed to be an excellent provider of guidance and direction

It is a high vibration stone that will quickly relieve you of anything that causes you #pain or discomfort.
The healing energies of this stone take effect very quickly, and this will help put you at ease when working with it.

It is also said that Azeztulite holds a special vibration that’s associated with the third eye.
You can have a glimpse of the future when using this stone with your third eye chakra!

Azeztulite is believed to have no negative or neutral energies. It also does not require any kind of cleansing.
The vibrations of this stone are also connected with the rising of the earth’s vibrations.
Whoever wears this stone will experience an effortless connection to a higher state of #consciousness!
This stone will stimulate the #kundalini and give you a life-changing powerful experience, especially if you combine it with Epidote.

Azeztulite will remove the blockages in your energy flows. It will also give you warm and protective energies.
It builds a type of secure spiral around your physical body that will dispel negative energies or psychic attacks. It will also strengthen your clairvoyance and other psychic abilities.

This stone can be helpful to people who are afflicted with #cancer.
It can also benefit chronically ill people because the stone’s healing energies work on strengthening their will to live and restoring their life’s purpose.
This encourages the sick to heal more quickly.

It can free up energies that will help regenerate and treat physical wounds. Azeztulite can also be helpful in the treatment of #cellular #disorders and #tissue inflammation.

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