5D Healing Crystals

Green Selenite (rare specimen)



SG01 Php2500

SG02 Php3500

SG03 Php2500

SG04 Php1000


Green Selenite has a lovely friendly vibration, that will help anyone who wants to be able to make friends with others. It is also a stone that will help you to make choices, and to adapt to change. Green Selenite crystals are very fragile, so one of the best ways you could use them is to meditate with them. They are not really suitable to make into jewelry, as they are so easily broken. These stones give off a friendly vibration, and they are also helpful if you have a business, as they are said to bring wealth to you.


They may assist you to manifest an increase in money, If you place them close to a cash register or cash box. The lovely energy that the Green Selenite crystals emit is of value to you, so one of the best ways to use them is to have them in the room near you.

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