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#Hackmanite has an extremely fine vibration while remaining connected to the Earth. Hackmanite can help to combine higher intuition with mind/logic. Hackmanite is a wonderful crystal to use when wanting to attain a deep, spiritual meditative state. It facilitates feelings of joy, freedom and happiness.


Known as the Chameleon Crystal, Hackmanite contains what scientists call tenebrescence, which is the ability of a stone to change color when exposed to light. In this case, pink Hackmanite will turn colorless when in sunlight, and slowly return to its former pink when left in the dark.


Hackmanite helps to embrace the self, enhancing self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. Use Hackmanite when working with issues of trust, be it self-trust or trust of others. Hackmanite is a strong support crystal. Its lesson is to stay true to self, to stand up for what you believe without fear of judgment, guilt or criticism. Hackmanite encourages full and complete expression.


Mentally, Hackmanite can help loose and release the bonds of rigid mindsets of the past and in its place create an opening/infusion of the mind, allowing an infinite number of new and exciting possibilities to fill the space.


Hackmanite can work in any area to clean and clear electromagnetic pollution/smog.


Hackmanite is wonderful healing tool. Physically it can help aid imbalance, support metabolism, strengthen the immune system and ease #insomnia.


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