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Hemimorphite necklace

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Why Would You Use Hemimorphite?

Hemimorphite will work to ensure that your vibrational light energies are flowing within you and integrating with your personal energy fields.
This crystal will open your consciousness so that you can communicate and commune with energies from the higher realm.

Hemimorphite’s energies will enhance your visionary experiences! It will promote inner strength and psychic visions. It will also help you understand different ancient healing methods.

Like with Green Calcite, this crystal will guide you as you undergo self-transformation.

It will give you what you need so that you can better understand yourself, what you want to become, and where you want your life to go.

The energies of this crystal will boost your self-esteem. It will make you believe in what you can do and in what you can achieve.

Hemimorphite is a Dispeller Unifier crystal because it’s very helpful when it comes to spiritual and mental problems.It will make your life more productive, more peaceful, and more enjoyable because the energies of this crystal will help you make all that possible.

It will rid your life of fear, doubt, anxiety, and worry. This crystal will support you in getting rid of what cripples you or makes your life troubled.It will activate self-healing and unlock a higher state of awareness.

This crystal will help you communicate your thoughts and express your emotions better. The energies that you can get from this crystal will encourage you to bring your truth out into the world!Hemimorphite is a wonderful source of energy and enthusiasm. If you need to focus, accomplish all your tasks for the day, and be productive, this should be your go-to stone.

It’s an excellent meditation tool because it will help you tune out the rest of the world and just listen to what your body, heart, and mind are telling you.

The crystal’s vibrations will enlighten your mind and make you attuned to your spirit.

When used in combination with Kyanite, Hemimorphite will also encourage your own spiritual growth!

How Will Hemimorphite Help You?

Hemimorphite, Healing and Health

The healing properties of Hemimorphite can alleviate hormonal headaches, as well as ulcer-related pains.

It’s also a crystal that can aid in weight loss because it will give you a strong supply of energy.

Hemimorphite is a crystal that can aid in your efforts to maintain optimum health.

This crystal can relieve aches associated with PMS, and it can help in the treatment of blood disorders.

Hemimorphite can also purify the blood, especially when you pair it with Azurite.

Hemimorphite and Wealth

Hemimorphite will attract good luck and good fortune. Dream big, work hard, and attune yourself to the energies of this crystal so that you can enjoy favorable results.

When you’re working on a new project, make sure that you have this crystal with you. It will help you to see your projects through until completion.

Hemimorphite is a crystal that promotes self-discipline and smartly pacing oneself, so it can be useful if you’re always getting distracted while trying to get something done, or sometimes indulge in putting things off until the last minute.

Hemimorphite will attract all good things and lucky in your life.


10mm bead size 

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