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Double Terminated Himalayan Quartz


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Healing Properties of Himalayan Quartz

Spiritual: Himalayan Quartz amplifies the power and energy of all other crystals, making it an incredible tool for crystal healing. It helps us to accurately see into the heart of all matters and align ourselves with our Highest Selves and the Highest Good. It can be used to communicate with Angels and Spirit Guides, quiet the mind during meditation, and amplify our own psychic abilities. Himalayan Quartz is also called ‘Nirvana Quartz’ as meditating with it can help us to more quickly and cleanly release the bonds that hold us back in our spiritual life and to leap forward into a new and higher reality.  It invites us to become Enlightened and a shining Light for others. Himalayan Quartz gives us the courage to remove the final veil that separates us from All That Is.  Himalayan Quartz is attuned to all Chakras and astrological signs. It is connected to the element Storm and vibrates to the number 4.

Emotional: Himalayan Quartz brings us into alignment and harmony by filtering out negative emotions and beliefs that do not serve us. When used with intention, it can also be a tool to strengthen emotions and beliefs that bless our lives. Himalayan Quartz can help us to clearly see where growth is needed and what we need to do to create the happiest and healthiest life possible. In particular, it can help us to let go of “victim mentality” and realize we are responsible for accepting or denying our Personal Power.  Himalayan Quartz helps us to rise up, go farther, and embrace our true self.

Mental: Himalayan Quartz is mentally revitalizing, encouraging problem solving and memory recall. It is a stone for self-knowledge and is especially helpful for anyone engaged in their personal work, trying to understand and improve themselves. Himalayan Quartz helps us to move past self-limiting mental beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world at large. It can help us remain neutral when faced with emotionally-charged situations, allowing us to easily understand and resolve problems.

Physical: Himalayan Quartz is said to reduce fevers and alleviate pain and swelling. It has been used to warm the body, especially after being exposed to extreme cold or emotional trauma. It is most often used in conjunction with other healing stones to amplify their specific powers.

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