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Imperial topaz brazil

₱16,888 ₱18,000

Imperial Topaz
1piece only

Common Healing Properties of Golden Imperial Topaz:

  • Brings the divine light of spirit into the physical body
  • Neutralizes the energy of cancerous cells within the body
  • Opens the crown chakra
  • Enhances meditation
  • Facilitates spiritual exploration
  • Encourages world travel and the understanding of other cultures
  • Enhances your understanding of ancient wisdom
  • Aids in forgiving oneself as well as others
  • Relieves symptoms of upset stomach, digestive pain or discomfort, or gastric upset
  • Increases strength
  • Boosts physical energy

A “stone of good fortune”, Imperial Topaz has been credited with bringing prosperity and abundance to the wearer. It is supportive of visualization, manifestation, creativity and generosity, which will attract prosperity into one's life.

Imperial Golden Topaz is a stone of charisma. This type of topaz attunes your conscience to the highest forces in the universe. It brings in joy, generosity, abundance, and confidence. You will feel more open when you use this crystal, so you'll be more honest, self-confident, and controlled.

Imperial Topaz is a “battery” for the body and spirit, strengthening faith and optimism.

Imperial Topaz regenerates cellular structures, strengthens solar plexus for good vital energy & sense of self. It helps the liver, gallbladder, and endrocrine system. This type of topaz also helps the organs and meridians of your physical and subtle bodies.


Golden topaz was one of the first crystals discovered and used by mankind, prized for its connection with the sun. It’s also known as the “Sunday Gemstone,” both because of its color associates it with the sun, and because this spiritual stone is traditionally valued for lifting curses. Its oldest known use is for turning away the evil eye, and ever since it has been associated with just about anything eye-related. Saint Hildegarde went so far as to claim that a piece of topaz taken into a dark chapel would give off so much light, you could even read a prayer book by it.

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