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Jade is said to bless whatever it touches, serving mankind across the globe for nearly 6,000 years. Jade in keeping with green jade meaning, facilitate an abundance of Divine energy flowing into one's life.

Green jade stone benefits foster a desire to slow down and smell the flowers, be near loved ones and share the love. Jade is useful in dream-solving, facilitates access to the spiritual world and ritualistic knowledge and supports creativity, all of which are encompassed in jade meaning. Jade is carved into talismans that are believed to insure a long life and peaceful passing.

Jade gemstones are also thought to have powerful healing powers for all those times during a long life when healing is required. Jade meaning is based in an ability to gather tranquil wisdom while discarding negativity and seeing one's true self. Jade meaning is strongly based in healing. Different names have been given to jade based on jade stone's ability to cure ailments of the bladder or kidneys. In ancient Chinese, the name Yu-Stone was given to represent jade.

Jade is often used in dream work, to help with lucid dreaming, and with remembering dreams. Jade carries a revitalizing energy that can help to speed healing. It is a stone of health and abundance, allowing Divine energy to enhance the circumstances of life. Jade is a type of Jade which is considered to be good for emotional balance and stability.

Jade is related to the heart chakra and has a beneficial effect on all heart chakra related issues, and all love relationships. Jade is one of the birthstones listed for the Star Sign of Virgo and is the Mystical birthstone for March. In ancient China and Egypt jade was used as a talisman to attract good fortune and friendship. Jade is known as a symbol of love and virtue.

Size: 2”

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