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Jade wu lou pendant


Jade wu lou pendants

The Wu Lou was originally used as a Feng Shui cure as a health enhancer and protector as the calabash was used to store medicine although traditional medicine would usually be a wine or spirit which is how the Wu Lou was adapted in to a wealth cure as alcohol became a symbol of wealth.

The wu luo is revered both in Buddhist and Taoist circles as a symbol of long life and perfect health. The wu luo is known by many names, such as hulu, bottle gourd, calabash or wu luo. It’s often called a calabash because of the calabash tree that the gourds grew from. The gourds were often used to carry water after they dried and were hollowed out.

Because the wu luo is in a figure eight shape, it is also reputed to symbolize both heaven and earth, with heaven being at the top and earth at the bottom. Its figure eight shape is considered auspicious for wealth and prosperity. Sometimes the gourd is looked upon as magical and having the beneficial properties of transmuting problems and surmounting difficulties.

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