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Master shamanite Mexico



This stone has been used by Indian shamans from the local tribes where it was found in the Colorado mountains, and was used for healing and inner journeying.

Master Shamanite can be useful for initiating shamanic journeys, and it can help one connect inwardly with power animals and spirit guides.

The frequency of Master Shamanite connects to all the chakras. It has a strong connection to the solar plexus chakra enhancing and strengthening one’s will power and personal power so that one can remain clear, focussed and centred in one’s intentions and actions.

The strong energy of this combination stone is cleansing and purifying. It helps to purify and strengthen one’s energy fields, helping to dispel any negativity or entities that are preventing one from moving forward.

It is a very strong protective stone. It has a powerful energy for psychic protection, and is beneficial to use in meditation as it creates an energetic barrier to prevent psychic attack.


Master Shamanite strengthens our will power and helps us to be more focused on the task at hand. It also helps to dispel envy and lessens any resentment we may feel towards other people. It is an excellent stone for helping us through the period of grief and mourning when we have lost a loved one or had our heart broken.

Master Shamanite is one of the very best stones for spiritual cleansing and purification. It is a strongly protective stone that energises us, clears and strengthens our auric field and helps us to awaken to our spiritual destiny.

Each of us has within us, our imperfections, our hidden dark side, our flaws, wounds and limitations, all of which appear to be negative. Working with Master Shamanite however, we can begin to rise from the depths of our impure and possibly painful past and welcome in the healing influences of angels, teachers and angelic beings, all helping us to embrace the highest spiritual standards that we possibly can.

Master Shamanite is extremely helpful for those of us wishing to undertake inner journeying as it can help us to better connect with our power animals and spirit guides. It absorbs negativity, deepens trance work and shields us from psychic attack.

It is very much a Stone of the Ancestors, carrying as it does, a positive ancestral vibration with the power to heal spiritual wounds, ancestral troubles and grief. It can help us to better communicate with spiritual elders and guides on the other side, as well as loved ones who have passed over.

It is a stone for those who wish to walk between the worlds, and to heal others through soul retrieval. It can help to dispel the fear of death by helping us to understand that death is not the end of our being, simply the end of our physical body in this world, but further, it is another beginning in a different plane of existence.

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