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How to Use Runes

What Are Runes?
Runes ares an ancient alphabet also known as the “ Viking Runes ”  that was mainly used by the germanic tribes before the arrival of the Roman Empire and the Latin alphabet. A set of runes contains 25 runic stones with 24 letters of the runic alphabet & a blank rune which represents the “ unknown ” or " Odin ". These nordic symbols are ideal for rune readings, divination, decision making & communication. 

After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the runic alphabet was spread throughout Europe by the vikings which resulted in variations of the alphabet depending upon the geographical location. It finally became settled into a basic alphabet of 24 Runes called the elder “ FuThark ”. The Furthark runes have become today the most widely used set of runes for divination. They're also known as Viking Rune Stones. Many believe that the symbols engraved on the stones can create rune magic. Indeed, runes and magic have been associated to each other for thousdands of years. 

How to Use Runes?
These Lay down a cloth and decide which part will be “down” and “up”.  Ideally ruins are cast on an East-West axis or facing the sun.  Then focus on the question for the casting. Runes should then be drawn from either a box or pouch where they should be kept at all times. After casting the stones onto the cloth the ones which have fallen the right side up are read and depending upon whether the rune is reversed or not, it will have a bearing upon its meaning and the reading as a whole.


Alternative Methods of Rune Casting

Pick a rune stone randomly for a day reading; keep your eyes clothes and concentrate on the questions for your casting. Then put your hand in the pile of runes and pick one. Some feel that the day rune is a good way to get an answer to a single question.You can also do what is known as a 3 rune spread.  The first rune is an answer to a past situation (Past events, current situation related to your question), the second one is an answer to a present situation ( challenges & obstacles that you need to overcome) and the last is an answer to a future situation (what is likely to happen as a result of the challenge).

The 3 Rune Spread is used for asking broader questions whereas the single rune can be drawn on a daily basis.

Runes meanings are available in the chart below.  If you're interested in acquiring a set of Runes, visit our online crystals shop. We have a large variety of Rune set available at the best prices in the market. Each viking Rune stone is unique in itself since they are symbols carved in 100% natural gemstones such as amethyst, obsidian, citrine, rose quartz, etc.  Keep in mind that the set of  letters in the Futhark alphabet is also known as germaninc or celtic runes. 

Rune Meanings

Here are the 24 viking symbols and meanings also known as runic writings

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