5D Healing Crystals

Moldavite Pendant


Moldavite stone is also known as the “Grail Stone” or “Star-born Stone.”

Scientists say that millions of years ago there was a meteorite shower, and this rare, bottle-green crystal was the result. It belongs to a group of Tektites, which are fragments of extraterrestrial objects such as meteorites and the ensuing melted combination with terrestrial rocks when they crash to the earth.

According to legend, the clear, deep green stone in the Holy Grail was Moldavite. and anyone who touches the “Grail Stone” will have a spiritual transformation. (Didn’t the ancients know something which has since been forgotten – before we remembered the source of the Moldavite?)

This stone activates the ‘”dream states” and is said to induce positive life changes and also helps widen our cosmic consciousness. It is helpful for personal and spiritual growth, and to release old habits about which you are aware, deep down, need to go.

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