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New Zealand Pounamu Jade Pikorua Pendant

₱1,800 ₱2,188

Pikorua, also known as the "Infinity Twist" or "Double Twist," is a traditional Maori symbol from New Zealand. It represents the bond between two individuals, their eternal connection, and the idea of infinity. The word "pikorua" is derived from the Maori words "pi," meaning to twist, and "koru," referring to an unfurling fern frond, which is another significant symbol in Maori culture.

The Pikorua symbol is often depicted as two intertwined loops, forming a continuous figure-eight shape. Each loop represents a separate individual, and their connection is depicted by the twisting and interweaving of the loops. The symbol embodies the concepts of unity, friendship, love, and the interdependence of individuals.

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