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Nuummite [Authentic] Greenland

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 The name Nuummite which means "derived from Nuuk" in Greenlandic, was given to the rock type which was found near Nuuk, by the town council of Nuuk.

Nuumite is purported to be one of the oldest minerals in existence, about three billion years old, and originates exclusively from Greenland. Its energy can remain extremely quiet until needed, when it suddenly comes to life. It encourages physical presence in the body, as opposed to grounding, and also confers protection.

Nuumite inhabits several dimensions simultaneously, and works on many levels. While maintaining presence, it clears and opens the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras, facilitating higher communication, especially with our spirit guides, and assists multidimensional travel.

Nuumite also encourages self-examination and self-exploration. In addition to the higher work nuumite engenders, it has a powerful physical effect, entering the body with tendrils of energy, similar to static electricity, which then target and “mop up” anything that does not belong, so while it does not necessarily shield against electromagnetic stress, it can help clear up the results of exposure to it. This can work in a similar way with cancer cells and the effects of cancer treatments, as well as pathogens and inappropriate signals from the immune system, for example autoantibodies.

Naisha Ahsian believes it helps us to connect with our shadow side, while Melody suggests that it activates and integrates the chakras, and enhances memory and mental activity. Description:

Supremely hard to get, this amazing stone is a powerful healer. These medium sized tumbled stones are the results of long searches. Each stone has lovely flashes.

#Nuummite, the Sorcerer's Stone, draws from the fiery energies of ancient Earth and combines with the elements of Storm. Nuummite is a stone of tremendous grounding, attuned to the elemental forces of Earth that can be drawn upon in times of need.

#Nuumite, Healing and Health. Nuummite is very rare and hard to get, and it's also a very powerful healer. It can be used for general healing purposes and relieve pains and discomforts. It can be very helpful in tissue regeneration and in easing the pains associated with degenerative diseases.
#blessed #healing #gemstone

Nuummite has a potent vibration, and has become known as the Sorcerers stone. Once you begin to resonate with its powerful energy you may understand why.

This is an ancient stone that embodies strong metaphysical properties, and a deeply felt resonance that is an extraordinary aid to move your spiritual growth forward quickly.

After using this stone you may find an inclination for using your personal magical abilities, and a desire to learn more about this subject may emerge.

Within this dark stone is a strong element of the magical and mystical vibration of the earth. If you use it, this may help you to attune yourself with deep earth energy.
This is a strong stone, that commonly brings good luck and an increase in the number and frequency of experiencing synchronistic events in your life. This seemingly random bringing together of unrelated events is a strong aid to moving you forward in your life... and may assist manifestation.

Magic is often misunderstood, and some people feel that magical abilities are not positive. On the contrary... the mastery of magic can be a force for extreme good. By attuning yourself with earth energy and the elemental forces and elemental beings, you can add to the positive energy within your life.

Nuummite resonates powerfully within the earth chakra, and it will attune with your energy to accentuate any magical abilities you already possess. This is a stone that will aid you to enhance your magical powers and make contact with these elemental forces.
This energy of this stone is also highly protective... especially against stronger levels of magic.

If you have been strongly attracted to this stone, it may be the process of coincidence and synchronicity that this stone creates.

Nuummite is a powerful shamanic journeying stone... and once you have mastered its energy, you may find that you are able to more easily move forward on these inner journeys. Its strong energy allows you to have faith in your level of psychic protection against negative entities and against psychic attack.

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