5D Healing Crystals

Orgonite cloudbuster

₱6,500 ₱8,000

The Orgonite Cloudbuster
7 inches

The Orgonite Clodbuster is quite possibly our most powerful Orgone generator. We have used it for large-scale environmental healing in all its facets - from dissolving chemtrails, HAARP radiation and smog, to normalising rainfall patterns in drought-stricken areas through the natural revitalisation that occurs when Orgonite is introduced into an environment.

The Orgonite Cloudbuster has an effective radius of about 50km and is best supported by individual "gifting" (neutralising) of cellphone towers in the same area with smaller Orgone generators.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich first coined the term "Cloud Buster" in the 1940s, and Orgonite pioneer Don Croft developed the principle to its current state, an Orgonite Cloudbuster with six pipes.

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