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Pallasite Meteorite Erg Chech (Rare)

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Pallasite Meteorite Erg Chech 003


Source: Algeria

This is the first public offering of Erg Chech  the slice originates from a single mass discovered in the Algeria’s Erg Chech Sand Sea in 2020 (similar to lot 44). When news of this recovery was made, a greater search ensued, but additional specimens from this event were not found.

Pallasites are the result of the mingling of the stony mantle and iron core at the mantle/core boundary of an asteroid. It is because it only forms at such a boundary that just 0.2% of all meteorites are pallasites — the most beautiful extraterrestrial substance known. Erg Chech however, is more-rare still. Of the 160 different pallasites documented, the chemical fingerprints of a small percentage

Meteorites are more rare than gold on earth and very few are what are known as Pallasites.

Pallasites are meteorites with an iron-nickel matrix displaying centimeter sized gemstone quality chunks of olivine. Gemstone quality olivine is also known as peridot.

Pallasites are the most beautiful of all meteorites. They are stony-iron meteorites derived from an extinct planet that was detroyed during the formation of our solar system (approximately 4.5 billion years ago). They come from the boundary between the silica rich mantle and the iron-nickel core of the planet and were torn away from the planet by a catastrophic impact with another planet or asteroid. Pallasites contain olivine (Peridot) "space gems" embedded in an iron nickel matrix.

Meteorites are a gift from another world. Many cultures consider the Meteorite to be sacred and are considered to have supernatural powers. Meteorite represents the energy of other worlds and allows for the access of this special energy to the user. The Meteorite may be used for balancing and aligning the energetic fields of the body. Meteorite enhances communication on this plane and may provide access to stored internal information relevant to ones needs. Meteorite encourages strength and stamina required for endurance. Meteorite gathers the loving energy of unknown cultures and presents it to the residents of the Earth, allowing for the realization that we are only guests on this planet. Meteorite assists with actualization of the purpose of our presence on this planet. Meteorite emits a trusting energy allowing one to be open to the exchanges of confidence. Meteorite provides introspection and wonder to the thoughts of enlightened beings and promotes the reality of All that is. Meteorite is an excellent stone for walk-ins; providing them with a stabilizing effect with respect to unfamiliar behavior patterns and new environments.

Pallasite will support you to win in all your endeavors and allow luck to flow continiously into your life. It helps to build great success and prosperity.

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