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Porcupine Meaning and Messages

In this case, Porcupine symbolism is letting you know that it is time to free yourself from guilt and shame. With this spirit animal, you can reclaim the innocence that you left behind as a child. To do this, you must open your heart to those things that gave you joy as a child. Like the Seal, remember fantasy and imagination so that you can bring it into your life again. Also, the Porcupine meaning asks you to make sure that you do not get caught up in the chaos of the world, where fear, greed, and suffering are commonplace.

Porcupine symbolism also reminds you that protection is always available to you. Therefore, it is time to be yourself and trust that it is safe to be who you are. The focus here is on faith and trust and the knowing that you can move mountains with these powers.

Alternatively, Porcupine symbolism reminds you that you should never allow other people’s opinions to prevent you from exploring activities that could otherwise be fun and enjoyable. In other words, you are overly sensitive to their barbs. Furthermore, it may be that these are old wounds that still aggravate and sting you. In other words, it may be necessary to remove the old barbs, no matter how painful, so they do not fester and poison the system.

Occasionally the Porcupine meaning is also a reminder that we must be careful of how we use our words. Thus, it is possible that you are inappropriately taking the joy from others with your barbed sentences.

Porcupine Totem, Spirit Animal

People with the Porcupine totem, like the Grizzly Bear, can be overly sensitive to criticism from others. They can also be excessively critical of others. Furthermore, they tend to allow barbs from long ago to affect their life now.

Folks with this spirit animal totem often crave and overindulge in salt intake. They need to be aware of this and watch their intake.

People with the Porcupine totem also have a knack for sticking it to people if they get intensely aggravated. Thus they will say or do that which will cause the most hurt for the longest time. They use words like a quill barb that works its way deep into the skin. However, they do not always use it, but when they do, the point is made clear. Conversely, they know exactly how to resist the barbs of others and set their boundaries. They are also willing to show strength through their vulnerability.


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