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Preseli stonehenge bluestone from Wales


Preseli Bluestone (also known as Stonehenge Bluestone) is aligned with the Earth’s electromagnetic grid but moves outside of space and time, allowing it to access multiple dimensions. Because of this, it is useful for soul retrieval and dream work. This stone acts as both a cosmic anchor in astral travel and shamanic anchor in spirit journeys. Some believe that Preseli Bluestone is connected to ancient Celtic and Egyptian knowledge.

History & Folklore

Legends state the inner stones for Stonehenge were flown from Wales by Merlin, who used magic to transport them for miles.

Folklore also tells of the sick weaving their way through the bluestones at Stonehenge in an effort to cure their diseases.

Some believe that this stone can help develop magical or psychic abilities.


Preseli Bluestone is a type of igneous rock that is exclusively found in the Preseli Hills region of Wales. It is a spotted variety of Dolerite, typically being found in shades of blue and white.

Chakra Association

Preseli Bluestone resonates with the soma, earth, base, sacral, past life, and higher heart chakras.


You can place preseli bluestone in full moon moonlight to energize. It can also be moved through sage smoke or incense, placed in rice, or buried in the earth overnight.

Health Folklore

Folklore suggests that this stone helps the functions of the hippocampus, neurotransmitters, throat, and ears, as well as the immune and electrical systems.

Preseli Bluestone...

Embodies A Strong Shamanic Merlin Energy

Written By Liz Oakes

Preseli Bluestone is the same stone that the ancient stone monoliths at Stonehenge are made from. This is a powerful variety of stone that has a number of excellent attributes.

These crystals are strong aids to enhance your spirituality, as they connect you to the mystical energy of Merlin and his magic.

Their vibration resonates strongly with the solar plexus chakra, to stimulate your willpower and inspire courage, and they help to connect the throat, heart, thymus and soma chakras.

They have a primordial vibration with an ancient energy. They may assist in the development of psychic gifts and aid you to discover abilities such as dowsing and geomancy.

Their metaphysical properties also relate to their action when used in meditation to travel back in time, and learn about past lives in ancient Celtic Britain and in ancient Egypt.

The large and well known stones at Stonehengewhich are made from this stone, are said to be aligned with the summer solstice.

The amazing Stonehenge monoliths are thought to have been brought to where they are now located around 2100 BC, and some stories say that Merlin used magic to bring them to where they now stand in Wiltshire, a distance of around 200 miles.These stones have a magical, even mystical energy that is well known to aid you to travel in time, and to help you to experience visions of past lives, not only in Celtic Britain but also in ancient Egypt.

Their energy may also create dreams that may help you to remember past lives in ancient Atlantis or if you spent time in the past as part of any Druidic culture.

They have a strong shamanistic energy that may assist in past life regression, helping you to travel back in time.

This may help you to discover aspects of past lives that may be holding you back in your current life.

They encourage the use of sound in healing, and sleeping with a small piece under your pillow may assist the development of gifts of dowsing and geomancy.

Acts Like An Anchor

The combination of minerals in the stone, and the presence of flint or chalk helps them to function like a battery.

This energy may boost your spiritual energy and power and your connection with the earth and the center of our galaxy.

This is a quite powerful energy, and I would suggest that you rest after using it, as it makes you feel quite spacey.  You may find the spaciness passes quite quickly.

If your spacy feeling continues, combine it with some of the other strong grounding stones, to help you to reconnect with the earth.

While these are beautiful stones with amazing energy, they can be tricky for many people to wear, as their energy can cause headaches. It is common for a headache to occur because of the direction that the stone is facing.

You may need to turn it until it is facing in a different direction, and in particular they are said to work well when facing in an easterly direction.

The action of Preseli Bluestone is like an anchor that will help you to stay connected to the present during your travels. This can help you if you wish to aid the healing of the earth as it will boost your energy and aid you to travel to places where the earths grid needs healing.

Preseli Bluestone embody a useful vibration to enhance any situation in which they are used, as their energy is known to stimulate the highest good that is related to the situation.

In particular, when this stone is present it may help you to have a greater awareness of truth, and you may know whether others are speaking authentically.

Keep one in your hand to help you to discover if the words spoken by others are genuine. It can be difficult sometimes if you are someone who prefers to think the best of others, to work out the meaning of the words that are spoken.

These stones may help you to overcome problems, as they assist you to face difficulties and challenges with courage and serenity, or at least some degree of composure.

Preseli Bluestone may also assist you to connect with the energy of crystals and become more aware of what they will do to assist you.

These are excellent stones To use to boost your psychic gifts. These gifts may be boosted by the vibration of this crystal, and you may begin to receive clearer messages from spirit.

In particular spiritual and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance which is also known as psychic visions and clairsentience, the gift of clear feeling.

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