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Psilomelane Metaphysical Properties 

Psilomelane aka Merlinite, as its name implies, is a magical stone that is well known & used by shamans, alchemists & other workers of magic. With its dual energy of both earthly & spiritual vibrations, Psilomelane stones bring a little bit of magic &good luck into your life too.

Psilomelane is also known for being a strong spiritual stone of duality. It symbolizes the Light and Shadow sides of yourself, both of which you must accept for inner awakening. Psilomelane also helps you balance the masculine & feminine energy within yourself and to better understand the aspects of God & the Goddess.

Other metaphysical properties of Psilomelane include the following:

  • stimulates your Third Eye & Crown Chakras, opening your consciousness to higher dimensions
  • believed to conjure the memories of ancient wizards & alchemists such as Merlin, from Arthurian times
  • stimulates & enhances your intuition & other psychic abilities
  • opens you to magical practices
  • attracts powerful magic & good luck into your life
  • dispels negative energy & provides spiritual protection
  • expands your level of contact with Spirit & accelerates your spiritual growth as they allow spirit teachers to come through to this plane to work with you
  • helps you to communicate with spirit guides & teachers from higher realms
  • enhances shamanic & magical practices
  • helps you to read the Akashic Record
  • helps you to travel into past or future lives to gain insight on the best way to live in your current life
  • helps you to remember information from past lives that can help you in your current lifetime
  • helps you to change patterns of thinking & behaviour that no longer work in your best interests
  • useful for emotional & past life healing
  • brings harmony into your present life
  • stabilizes your nervous system
  • helps you to see & understand the deeper, darker aspects of yourself, as well as integrating them as part of self-mastery
  • balances Yin & Yang and masculine & feminine energies
  • also balances your intuition with your intellect & your conscious with your subconscious
  • helps you to be open & approachable to others
  • helps you to be optimistic & hopeful
  • often recommended for those who have been hurt so they can move forward in life
  • enhances your state of awareness
  • facilitates trance states, channelling & lucid dreaming
  • improves organizational skills
  • helps you access the energy of the natural world & communicate with elementals
  • boosts the energy of stones with a lower vibration
  • treats skeletal & blood disorders
  • enhances lymph flow & excretion 

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