5D Healing Crystals

Pyritized Ammonite



A fossil is the impression left when the body of an ancient animal or plant is encased in some kind of mud or sand, which turns into rock over great expanses of time. After the matrix around the object has become firm enough to hold its shape, the object itself is slowly replaced by some other mineral that works its way in from the surrounding matrix. If all goes well, the rock or mineral formed where the body used to be is different enough from the surrounding rock or mineral that it's possible to separate them and rediscover the original shape of the object. 

A fossil can be formed out of all kinds of different minerals, so there are really two entirely separate ways to describe one: What it's a remnant of, and what it's made out of. This sample is a fossil of a type of animal called an Ammonite, but even more interestingly, it happens to be made of pyrite, also known as "fool's gold" because it looks a lot like gold.

The Ammonite is a very powerful earth healing fossil. Its spiral shape symbolizes continual change and evolution. Ammonites have absorbed cosmic energy over eons of time and help to stimulate the life force -Chi within. Ammonites are often used for activating Kundalini and life path energies. The Ammonite is also often recommended to put in the home to attract health, prosperity and success.

The Ammonite draws off all negative energies. Think of the Ammonite spirals as a filter, drawing in these dense energies which are no longer needed, moving them through the spirals and releasing them as fresh, positive, loving life force energies.

Physically, Ammonites can help to increase stamina and vitality. Use Ammonites when working with issues of blood pressure or problems with the ears, lungs and degenerative disorders. Ammonites will also help to lift the heaviness that is sometimes felt during depression.


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