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Red Calcite natural form


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Why Would You Use Red Calcite?

Red Calcite is an essential stone that will increase your energy, as well as your willingness to live life.

It is highly grounding and protective, and it will safeguard your energetic, physical, and emotional boundaries.

It will also alleviate your listlessness, confusion, and restlessness.

It will help you prevent overextending yourself, especially for people who are manipulative, and people who just don’t deserve your energies!

Red Calcite is a great stone for women because it’s known to balance hormones and absorb minerals. It’s also a stone that will prepare you for pregnancy and childbirth.

Red Calcite is a powerful magnifier and cleanser of different kinds of energies. It emanates a revitalizing, purifying, and soothing energy.

Red Calcite will help open and activate your base chakra, which will bring vitality and promote increased energy.

It will stimulate your senses and give you a better appreciation of all your physical experiences.

Red Calcite will cleanse and amplify the energies in your environment. It will restore your motivation and accelerate your progress and development.

It will also raise your consciousness and link you to higher spiritual levels while activating your psychic abilities as well.

This crystal will absorb unwanted energies and return them to their sender already transmuted and amplified!

Red Calcite will strengthen your willpower and remove the blockages that are preventing you from moving forward.

Red Calcite is a stone that’s associated with vitality, grounding, and confidence.

It will clear out all the old, unwanted, and unnecessary energy patterns. It will also boost your personal drive and motivation.

This stone will also inspire confidence when you’re feeling beaten down by disappointments, disagreements, and failures.

Red Calcite will show you a new way of looking at a situation and take you away from your old habits and notions. It will make room for new ideas and inspirations!

How Will Red Calcite Help You?

Red Calcite, Healing and Health

Red Calcite is known to dissolve aches and pains. It can also lower the blood pressure.

It can harmonize the body’s ability to assimilate calcium, and it can help in treating disorders associated with the joints and the limbs.

It’s also beneficial in relieving constipation.

Red Calcite’s healing properties can also benefit the reproductive organs, specifically the ovaries.

It can help with problems of the hips, gonads, and feet as well.

It can provide healing from food poisoning and alcohol detoxification.

This stone can also tone and energize the blood.

Red Calcite can work on cleansing the circulatory system and increasing your physical energy.

It can reduce the symptoms of hypertension and stress, and it can soothe the imbalances brought on by exhaustion and fatigue.



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