5D Healing Crystals

Rhodochrosite choker



2mm multifaceted
10k goldfilled lock
16 inches long

Rhodochrosite is a powerful love stone. It helps integrate the coarse physical with the more refined spiritual energies and stimulate love. Rhodochrosite opens the heart and helps ease depression; it encourages a positive life orientation. If you are single, Rhodochrosite is believed to be able to attract your soul mate. This stone is an excellent conduit of metaphysical energy.

This mineral is also called a stone of love and balance, because it secures balance and love at all levels of our being and for all subtle bodies. The energy of Rhodochrosite is like the pulsating and electrifying energy of love — the most powerful force in the Universe. Rhodochrosite helps heal the Earth, while encouraging us to love and serve our Great Mother. That’s no obligation, it is actually a great joy to be able to support our terrestrial home.

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