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Ruby Earrings


Since prehistoric times, rubies have been an object of desire and love for the humans. This striking blood-red colored gemstone is endeavored with the strongest powers of metaphysical world. It manifests cosmic energies to bring fortune and wealth in the life of its possessor. Undoubtedly, it is rightly revered as the strongest and most splendid gemstone in many cultures and civilizations.
There are many legends and folk lore prevalent about ruby gemstones. This gem finds its mention in ancient texts and inscriptions of almost every ancient culture. In Hindu Vedic scriptures, ruby is mentioned as the king of precious stones surpassing all other gems in its value. It is considered sacred with a belief that it gets contaminated, if ruby comes in contact with inferior stones.

Some cultures in the middle ages opined that stones engraved with images were found that way in the core of earth and they weren’t made by a human hand. According to them, rubies carved with dragon figure can bring immense joy and wealth to its possessor.
It is also believed to be the most priceless gemstone amongst the twelve gems created by God at time of evolution of earthly creatures. Some cultures believe that the iridescence of ruby can’t be hidden within any covering and it will always reach out to the soul of mankind.
Greek legends say that ruby has ability to melt wax if impressed upon it. Ruby is believed to be the fourth gem studded in the breastplate of Hebrew High Priest in the second temple of Judah. Hindu legends believe that fire within this gem can cause water to boil, if cast into the liquid for some time.

There are many ancient legends about ruby in Burmese traditions. People in Burma believe that if ruby is put in the flesh, it can become a part of your body conferring the power of immunity against many weapons.
In some cultures, it is said that darker rubies are male and lighter shades are females. It can be worn to protect its wearer from all probable dangers. Throughout the human history, it was venerated as a powerful talisman to protect against evil eyes. It is believed to invoke positive thinking with discretion in thoughts.
An Arabic text of the eighth century states that if a leader or king dreams about a crown studded with rubies, it implies that his powers will enhance with good fortune and pleasure. In many civilizations, it is believed that ruby changes its color if its possessor was prone to any life-threatening danger. It protects from venereal diseases and frightening thoughts.
Ancient Egyptians admired rubies as a source of love, trust, beauty and good luck. Most of the Eastern cultures relate this fascinating gemstone with spirituality. Oriental culture believes that ruby bestows its properties more effectively if worn on Wednesdays. It confers the title of Phenomenal Gem to Rubies. It implies a gemstone exhibiting changes on its surface corresponding to the movement of light.

Its unrivaled and spotless history makes ruby the most enigmatic gemstone. The legends of this stone may pertain to ancient ages but their significance has never faded away. Rubies are still considered as the most powerful gemstone bestowing its wearer with wealth, health and mental accord.

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