5D Healing Crystals

Ruby, gem grade

₱4,400 ₱10,000

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Ruby will encourage your #passion and zest for life. It will also increase your #motivation when it comes to setting #realistic #goals and achieving them.

The energies of Ruby Gemstone will balance your #heart and instill confidence in you. It will remind you to #love #yourself as much as you love others.

This stone will encourage laughter and joy, and it will bring more #happiness, #spontaneity, and #courage in your life.

Its energies will bring your life prosperity and protection, and it will help you stay healthy, vibrant, and beautiful.

With its rich and deep red color, #Ruby Gemstone has the power to increase your life force. It will warm up your energies, restore your balance, and strengthen your character.

This stone will bring calm and #reassurance even in the most #challenging and tumultuous days.

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