5D Healing Crystals

Ruby Zoisite


enhances connection between Heart and Mind

Assist one is seeing Auras
Enhances psychic energies
Energizes the entire field of one’s body
Makes one appreciative for all that they have in life
Aids the feeling of empathy for others
Brings harmony to relationships
Provides balance for the mind, body and soul
Brings awareness for the importance of taking care of the physical body
Helps one attune to who they are, along with the people around them
Connects the Third-Eye Chakra with the Heart Chakra
Encourages the mind to hear the desires of the heart to accomplish what is needed
Enhances creativity and encourages passion for life
Stimulates Root Chakra to help one live life with enthusiastic fervor
Rouses psychic abilities
Aids the communication with spirit guides
Helps one to start developing intuition
Aids energy flow throughout the entire body
Helps one understand the meaning behind the lessons the Divine mind had for them
Safeguards from psychic attack
Transmutes negative energy into positive energy
Connects the brain to the ethereal levels to receive telepathic messages easier
Transforms destructive urges into constructive ones
Aids in making favorable decisions that benefit one’s spirituality and overall well-being
Use for communication with the spirit world and for healing

Healing Properties:

Treats Impotency and Frigidity
Improves Blood Circulation
Aids Heart Disorders
Helps Recovery of Diminished Physical Vitality
Helps Overcome Depression
Assist Adrenal Fatigue
Assist Immune Problems
Aids Physical Heart Problems
Stimulate Inactive Thyroid
Aids ChemotherapyRadiation Treatment

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