5D Healing Crystals



Historically, Sandalwood has been considered pious and sacred across the Asian subcontinent. This rare wood has an earthy fragrance that is known to have calming and focus inducing properties. HEM Incense leverages this historic belief to present the most delicate fragrant incense sticks

2. Fights bad and foul odour: Incense tubes have a burning time of about 35-45 minutes and alleviate or remove foul odours in this duration. The burning time and fragrance penetration is dependent on the air conditions, room size where the incense is being lit.

3. History: Sandalwood is the second most expensive and among the top rare woods in the world. Pure Sandalwood retains its fragrance for years and sometimes decades. Historically, India has been using this rare wood for its religious, medicinal, ailment reducing purposes for over 5000 years. Even the renowned poet Tagore wrote of Sandalwood “as if to prove that love would conquer hate, the sandalwood perfumes the very axe that lays it low”

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