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Sardonyx invigorates all the sensory organs and improves all perceptions of the senses. It regulates all body fluids, cell metabolism and the activity of the intestines and encourages absorption of nutrients and elimination of wastes. 
Sardonyx helps to repair bones and heals the sensory organs, touch, smell, hearing and eyes. Sardonyx strengthens the immune system.
Sardonyx may help with impotence and sterility, it strengthens the function of the lungs. This stone will overcome the debilitating effects of  chronic back pain, bowel, prostrate and bladder problems, kidney and urinary tract infections. 
It cleanses the whole physical system of blockages and impurities that result from parasites of all kinds, septicaemia, HIV and AIDS.

Sardonyx provides the stabilisation and strength required to have the endurance, energy, and fortitude to create prosperity and good fortune based on good moral ethics. With its grounding vibrations, this stone helps you translate your energies into tangible results. This is a good stone for a builder, athlete, physical therapist, chiropractor or massage therapist as it will increase business success. 


Sardonyx bestows stability, self confidence and a hopeful attitude. It helps overcome sadness and brings joy that is easily transferred to others. 
This stone you understand and overcome feelings helplessness and a victim mentality.  It lifts depression and encourages you to take action to make overdue changes in your life. Sardonyx will assist you in mending quarrels in a marriage and also divisions between parents and children. It symbolises good fortune and happiness particularly in relationships, marriage and love.

​If you are challenged by the people you have attracted into your life, use this stone to help you make a clear decision to allow those challenges to fade away. As you do so, set another intention to attract into your life thoughtful, loving friends and family who honour you on all levels. 
Sardonyx gives you will power and strengthens your character. It increases stamina, vigour and self control. It will ease depression and overcome hesitancy. Sardonyx improves your perception of others and helps you process the information that you receive.
Sardonyx Metaphysical Properties
Used as a stone of strength and protection since ancient times, sardonyxis associated with courage, happiness and clear communication. It brings lasting happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships.

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