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Scapolite Pendant


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This stone is useful for stabilising your mental state and helping to regulate brain biochemistry.
Scapolite can be used to balance hyperactivity and inattentiveness. It stimulates digestion, assimilation and elimination. Scapolite is helpful for kidney or gallbladder disorders. It assists with arthritis and bone problems and may help relieve the effects of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. 

Scapolite teaches you that emotional healing is not about revisiting past wounds. It is instead about releasing attachment to them as part of your identity. 
This stone is a strict, yet powerful teacher of emotional power use. It will help you understand how you may be using your power to manipulate other peoples emotions or actions, so you can come to understand a more balanced use of your emotional energy. Scapolite can assist those with low self esteem to find aspects of self to value and develop. 
Scapolite enables you to break self destructive patterns, it is a stone for post natal depression and PMS. Use this stone if you are a counsellor or a psychotherapist to maintain calm in the session and to assist in the therapy process. This stone soothes the body in times of stress by releasing tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Scapolite is an extremely calming stone It will cut through confusion, distress, anger and fear by going deep within your emotional centre and find the source of the problems from this and past lives; to then cleanse the problems and restore you to emotional balance.

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