5D Healing Crystals

Selenite Heart


Selenite healing energy is like liquid light. When you sync with selenite, its energy flows through your spirit and induces a calm, centered optimism. A wonderful remedy for those who deal with anxiety issues, selenite helps guide the focus of your mind toward a pure, balanced state. Whenever you start to feel overwhelmed, or like you’re sunk into a funk that you can’t get out of, meditate with a selenite heart. Simply find a peaceful place in your home, lay flat on your back, and place the selenite heart over your heart chakra. Visualize yourself breathing in the positive energy, and seeing the selenite absorb the negativity.

This practice can do amazing things for those struggling to get over heartbreak. Selenite’s natural fluid energy flows through energy blocks, and helps you tap into the energy of release. By working with selenite to find your grounding and rediscover a pure sense of self, you can find the joy and lightness of spirit that you’ve been craving.    


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