5D Healing Crystals

Serpentine Chair

₱18,000 ₱25,000

Serpentine Chair (14"×12"×14")



Serpentine stones are excellent for developing a distinct inner peace that makes you untouchable by negative energy. Instead of this stone “sucking up” the bad energy from around you like a magnet, it will harden your psychic “shell” and make it impossible for that bad energy to permeate. Serpentine stone is one of the best stones for delivering the unique “one-two punch” of protecting against negativity while drawing in positivity.

At the same time, because of its positive effects on both emotions, people who matter in your field will see you in a more positive light, and develop an instinctive “good feeling” about you, which is something that matters enormously in almost every career field!

Just to round off the full effects of serpentine on your career, the association of green with money will bring monetary gain your way – possibly in the form of a promotion, a raise, or a new career opportunity.

Serpentine is also a great stone to use when you’re starting a new relationship. It will keep away people whose values don’t align with yours, and especially those who would use you and toss you aside! At the same time, it opens your heart to trying new things while protecting you against any potential dangers that might be associated with that.

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