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Elite noble shungites

Shungite has the ability to clean water from almost of all organic compounds (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

The water from Lake Onega in Russia, can be used for drinking without any prior cleaning! It's the result of thousands of years of interaction with Shungite. The commercial use of Shungite filters started back in 1990’s, during that time, many experiments and studies were conducted on Shungite influencing health on the human body. Scientists came to the conclusion that Shungite water is absolutely non-toxic. It was also proven that Shungite water can be used without any prior boiling!

Shungite water has strong antibacterial ability. During the experiments, water was contaminated with various types of streptococcus bacteria groups. The experiment showed that only after half an hour in Shungite water the concentration of streptococcus bacteria groups decreased by a factor of 100%, and other groups of bacteria was reduced by a factor of 900%!

Shungite cleans water with various chlorine compounds, nitrates, copper, magnesium, iron, cleans up visually dirty water, eliminates sour taste. Shungite removes heavy metals, chlorine, enriches drinking water in potassium.

The use of shungite water is recommended for the treatment of the following illnesses:

Kidney diseases
Liver diseases
Gall-bladder problems
Immune system deterioration
Pancreas diseases
Common colds
Cardiovascular diseases
Chronic fatigue.

Put the 300 grammes of Shungite stones on the bottom of a 3-liter water container. After 48 hours the water will be biologically active. It ‘s ready for external and internal use.

You should put Shungite stones in the sun light every month to recharge them and replace the stones every 6 months if you use them for purifying the water!

Not only does water infused with Shungite become ultra clean; it also becomes a colloidal solution of hydrated fullerenes, which are an essential part of the new generation of drugs.

500 each

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