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“The Stone of Rebirth”

Smithsonite fills one with tranquility, charm, kindness, love and favorable outcomes.

It is an excellent stone for soothing the emotional body and relieve one of stress. Smithsonite is like a bridge that supports our safety as we cross over troubled water, which is similar to how we are able to remedy uncomfortable behaviors and promote the celebration of something new to come.

Smithsonite is really great for anyone whom ever felt unwanted, unloved or out-of-place as a child. Each and every one of us deserve to be happy. Each of us deserve to heal. Are you ready to heal?

All you have to do is just hold a piece of Smithsonite in your left palm and give it permission to heal your inner child. Give it permission to alleviate the effects of any and all emotional abuse you have endured and hidden for too long.

This is an excellent crystal for birth and rebirth, because it can actually treat infertility.

Physical Healing Benefits:




Immune System

Emotional Wounds

Digestion System



Restless Legs

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