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spessartine garnet in matrix pendant


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Spessartine is known as the Stone of Whole Harmony because it will encourage deep healing and help the body heal and repair itself.
It will stimulate a complete and natural renewal that’s given by nature itself.
It’s a stone that will work well in all areas of healing for everyone, including the unborn baby inside the mother’s womb. It’s a very beneficial stone anywhere and anytime!
Spessartine will also bring a good and healthy balance to your spiritual journeys. It will help keep your feet on the ground.
It will also be helpful in dispelling the confusion that’s caused by being pulled into situations without knowing the complete or real story.
It will give you mental and emotional clarity, and it will strengthen your understanding when you are seeking desperately for answers or comfort.
Spessartine will encourage you to see the bigger picture for deeper wisdom. It will also give you the courage and the space to think of yourself and what will be good for your well-being.
Where there is a need for focus, stability, and security, Spessartine will easily take the role of both your female and male support systems. It will work as both a mother and father figure.
It will also support you in increasing your own sense of inner support.
Spessartine vibrates with your body’s lower chakras. It will bring them back in sync and give you more grounding and stabilizing energies.
It’s a very good stone to use when you’re feeling uncomfortable, unsettled, or uprooted in your current environment.
It will dispel your feelings of being lost or afraid, and it will bring more love, peace, and contentment in your life.
It will inspire you to look within and make use of the resources that are available around you. It will help you recognize that you have all you need right there with you!
Spessartine will also help soothe or settle a detached soul. It will be very beneficial to anyone who feels out of balance in their physical body or physical environment.

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