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Spirit Quartz Citrine


 Spirit Quartz is a crystal of Harmony and Alignment. It takes all the crystal energies of the main stone and amplifies them over and over again in all the tiny points, each reflecting light back and forth to one another so all can bathe in the combined radiance of the whole. [Raphaell, 55] In the Book of Stones, Naisha Ahsian describes this crystal as "a hundred-voice choir singing in harmony." Its resonance is spiritually uplifting, radiating high-vibrational energy in all directions, and is a perfect ally in aligning the aura, chakras, meridians and the physical body, as well as carrying the gifts of Spirit out into the world. [Ahsian, 376][Hall II, 300]

Spirit Quartz is an excellent crystal for promoting any collective activity, whether socially or at work, in the community or for sporting events. It encourages team building and brings productive harmony to group efforts. It is particularly useful for those in service-based occupations, such as health care or teaching to maintain focus on the care and not be worn down by administrative or budgetary restraints. [Eason, 346][Hall II, 301]

Spirit Quartz facilitates bonding in home environments, especially when a new member joins the family, such as a young relative, foster or adopted child. It stimulates healing and peace in homes with fierce sibling rivalries, and reduces resentment and jealousy when step-families merge or when older family members must give up their home to move in. [Eason, 346]


#Spirit #Quartz, Healing and Health. The Spirit Quartz is considered a master healer and can offer healing in the physical level. It's highly beneficial in the detoxification process of your body. It's a good stone that can heal or aid in the treatment of fertility issues.

Spirit Quartz Properties
Spirit Quartz symbolizes balance and harmony that is achieved through spiritual evolution and growth. This crystal forges a strong link between its users and the spiritual realms.

The crystal has characteristics of introspection and inner illumination. It can bring clarity to the mind that is troubled by life’s difficulties.

Awareness of one’s true spiritual purpose is granted by this crystal. It can also provide enlightenment regarding one’s career path.

The Spirit Quartz is a high energy stone with a strong field of vibrations. Frequent use can drain an individual of vitality unless proper steps are taken to ground and disperse excess energy.

Those who are sensitive to the energy fields of crystals will find that Spirit Quartz can often act as source of prediction. Its energy field may increase when troubles are on the horizon.

Spirit Quartz Healing Properties
(Please note: Information on this web site is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

It will be most advantageous to use Spirit Quartz for improving both physical and psychic energy. It’s high vibration is excellent for treating physical and emotional fatigue.

This crystal works well as a detoxifying agent, helping to purge the body of things which cause illness. The same can be said on a mental level where the stone removes negativity.

Just as it unifies the organs of the body to promote whole health, Spirit Quartz also can heal relationships between individuals. It will open up lines of communication and cooperation.

For healing, the stone can be worn or carried. It may also be placed in water to charge the water with healing energy.

When working with this stone for healing it is recommended to use it consistently in short sessions. This will prevent individuals from being overwhelmed by the stone’s energy.

Physical Healing
Using this crystal for the purposes of detox can be of great benefit. It can be kept on the body as one works to rid themselves of harmful toxins.

Some individuals turn to this stone when they are trying to overcome an addiction to substances like nicotine or alcohol. It’s energy aligns with one’s desires to aid in the process of abstinence.

Many skin problems may be aided with Spirit Quartz. The stone can be held against the affected area and allowed to heal damaged tissue.

The appearance of scars may be lessened by the stone, and some have even had success with the holistic treatment of skin allergies and melanomas.

Spirit Quartz can be used to remove internal and external swelling. It may even be useful when attempting to minimize the physical effects of a tumor.

Fertility is also another area where this crystal can be of assistance. It promotes conception, but it doesn’t stop there.

The stone is also believed to promote healthy growth of infants in the womb. It can also prevent complications that arise during pregnancy.

Emotional Healing
Few crystals have the power to heal emotional suffering like Spirit Quartz. It’s connection to the divine spirit realms will assist in the elimination of loneliness.

Those who suffer from depression will find that this stone is a source of comfort. It helps individuals discover their sense of worth and purpose.

Old hurts and emotional scars can be absorbed in the facets of a Spirit Quartz. The stone breaks up these hurts so that an individual may begin the process of healing.

Spirit Quartz will encourage one to be more cooperative with others. It stresses love and compassion above self-centered behavior and greed.

Spiritual Healing
All spiritual energies are brought into balance by this beautiful crystal. It is one of the few stones that aligns the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

When one is aligned with a higher spiritual purpose, emotional and physical health also improve. This stone brings balance through alignment.

Spirit Quartz has at least some relationship to all the chakras of the human body, although it may have a stronger affect on some than others. It opens these centers to the universal energy.

Some have found that deep spiritual wisdom is gained when working with Spirit Quartz. It has the ability to bring enlightenment.

Those who have suffered a loss of faith will find that this stone renews hope. Its energy is so strongly connected to the spirit world that a lack of faith is made almost impossible.




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