5D Healing Crystals

Sri Yantra Pendulum

₱800 ₱1,500



Sri Yantra Pendulums are known for their very high sensitivity and wide range of detected radiation. They are very useful in work on maps and in finding the direction of underground streams.

They can be used in dowsing for water and minerals, checking herbs and food, checking for underground water veins, in alternative medicine - e.g.testing blood pressure, etc.

To get the never-ending stream of prosperity and happiness in life together with spiritual strength in life, This Sri Yantra is the best known, proven and easiest way to get the blessings of "Goddess Mahalakhsmi" the Goddess of weath. This Yantra is fully able to remove not only the hardships of life but also bring marked changes. Crystal is considered as the favorite thing of Goddess MahaLakhsmi.

Sri Yantra is the ultimate device to get total peace and worldly success. In today's most competitive and tense life style nobody has enough time for Pooja or mediation. Then, for quick relief, you can put this Sri Yantra in pocket. See it once, daily in the morning to have the blessings of Goddess MahaLakhsmi. Simple and best remedies for all routine life problems try it.

To get the never ending stream of prosperity and happiness together with spiritual strength in life. The Sri Yantra is the best known and proven Ancient Indian article. Sri means "Goddess Mahalakhsmi", the Goddess of wealth & Happiness. Hence the this Yantra is called the apparatus of mahaLakshmi.

Crystal is considered to be the favourite thing of Goddess mahaLakshmi so any Sri Yantra carved from Crystal is very very effective. Crystal also removes negativity. Perfect to keep in any home or business.

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