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₱500 ₱800

Staurolite "Fairy Cross" from North Carolina
500 each

Staurolite also known as Fairy Cross occurs as short prismatic crystals, as cruciform twins often with a rough surface, as granules and often as parallel inter-growths with kyanite. Colours are dark brown, reddish brown, yellowish brown and brownish black. Staurolite is also known as fairy cross
composition hydrous iron magnesium aluminium silicate.

Legend says that " Staurolite is formed from tears the fairies shed when they heard the news of Christ's death". Traditionally, this protective stone is a talisman for good luck.

Staurolite is for seeing the world as the fairies see it. It promotes seeing nature devas, Earth elements, water spirits, tree spirits and enhances your ability to work creatively with the unseen world. Staurolite is a good stone for gardeners, flower essence therapists, crystal healers and it enlists the help of Earth spirits and Mother Earth. It it a stone for healing with the aid of nature and the planet. Staurolite honours the four directions, as above so below, it protects you from the "Evil Eye".

Staurolite enhances and strengthens rituals and is used in white magic ceremonies. It is said to access the ancient wisdom of the middle east. This stone connects the physical, etheric and spiritual planes, which in turn promotes communication between them.

Staurolite is useful in relieving stress. It eases depression and addictions, it negates a tendency to over work and overcommit energy.

Staurolite is an excellent stone for those wishing to stop smoking and to ease and heal its effects. It will help you understand why you took up smoking in the first place.

Staurolite treats cellular disorders and growths, it increases the assimilation of carbohydrates, and reduces depression. It has been traditionally used for fever.

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