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Tai sui plaque


The TAI SUI or God of the Year always occupies the sector of the ruling animal sign of the year. This year, he occupies the place of the Ox, the Northeast 1 sector. The Tai Sui is the celestial force that governs all that happens on Earth, and when one has his blessings, very little can go wrong, but when one offends him, his wrath knows no bounds. In feng shui, the creature that is known to appease him is the celestial chimera the Pi Yao, so we always recommend to place a Pi Yao in the location of the Tai Sui.

PROTECTION: What is even more important is to place the Tai Sui Plaque, with his image and invocation as a sign of respect in his location. In 2021, place this in the NE1 sector.  Animal signs affected by the Tai Sui this year are the Earth signs of Sheep, Dragon and Dog, while the Ox whose location he occupies should also be mindful of his presence there. For these 4 signs, we recommend that you carry the Tai Sui Amulet at all times through the year.

Wooden plaque measure 5" H x 4" w

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