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Tanzanite Meaning

Tanzanite is known as a stone of soul transformation. It also represents the transmutation of desires into reality, making it popular for those who embrace the Law of Attraction.

There is also a meaning of psychic power that is attached to the stone. It reflects one’s ability to develop their powers of perception and intuition.

Higher consciousness is also a core meaning of Tanzanite. It has the ability to help one move beyond perceptions of the physical world to embrace spiritual concepts.

Finally, this stone symbolizes compassion for all living beings. It represents an awareness that one is connected to all creatures great and small.

Tanzanite Properties

The vibrations of Tanzanite are very strong. Those who work with this stone should ground themselves often to prevent a buildup of residual energy.

The stone has the ability to raise the psychic senses to a high level. It can also make the physical senses acuter.

Tanzanite increases one’s capacity for divine love, and it strengthens compassion. The crystal joins the mind and heart to unify the personal energy field.

All aspects of spiritual growth are aided by Tanzanite. It can help to remove any obstacles which prevent enlightenment.

The energy of the stone often has a lasting impact on one’s level of consciousness. It can bring about universal awareness and a keen sense of purpose.

Those who are especially sensitive to energy in healing crystals may find Tanzanite to be overwhelming. It should be used in moderation until one can master its energy field.

Tanzanite is a trichoic stone that reflects different colors, ranging from light blues or lilacs to deep indigos and violets. It was discovered in the 1960s and named after Tanzania by Tiffany & Co. The famous jewelry firm declared it to be the most beautiful stone discovered in the last 2,000 years. Tanzanite is so rare because it is found and mined in a small area only four kilometers wide and two kilometers long at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in the Manyara Region of Northern Tanzania. According to a Tanzanian geologist, the circumstances that led to its formation 585 million years ago were so exceptional that the likelihood of finding tanzanite anywhere else on earth is one in a million, making it a thousand times rarer than diamonds. At the current rate of mining, the geologist also estimates that the available supply will be depleted within the next 25 years. As a result, tanzanite is known as the “gemstone of a generation” because this generation will be the last one able to buy stones from the primary market before the supply is exhausted.


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