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Tibetan Black Quartz Bracelet


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Tibetan Black Quartz is an ancient and high vibrational crystal that brings purification to the energy bodies. It works to dissolve debris and blocks in one’s energy system and grid, opening channels for higher vibrational frequencies to come in. This activity of Light clears and balances the chakras and meridians. It aids in the expansion of consciousness and the release of limiting beliefs and attachments allowing the freedom to express, heal, create, and serve in ways that are meaningful and beneficial to the individual and planet.
Tibetan Quartz is also a crystal of protection and grounding. It is an excellent meditation crystal, one that lifts you into higher dimensional experiences and one that may awaken you to experience the wisdom and ritual of the Ancients.
Tibetan Quartz is a master healer because it guides one to the root cause underlying the issue. It is believed to be particularly helpful in healing the nervous system, and issues affecting the brain and immune system.

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