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Anxious? Stressed? Sad? A ‘worry stone’ could help

The latest trend in energy healing promises to calm feelings of anxiety and stress with the flick of a thumb.

As the power of crystals begin to be rediscovered by Western society and the popularity of alternative remedies pick up momentum it’s no surprise that the latest wellbeing trend is a combination of both– precious gems meet energy healing in the form of ‘worry stones’. The technique goes back to ancient and religious times where the meditative process of rubbing soft stones between fingers help to calm the mind.

Think of them as a more holistic version of the fidget spinner, or the adult version of sucking one’s own thumb, worry stones (also known as pocket tranquillisers in some circles) are made from smooth or polished crystals, sometimes with an indentation designed for the thumb to massage.

According to Jessica Lahoud crystal guru and founder of Mineralism, worry stones have been used all over the world throughout history. “The idea behind them is very much like that of prayer beads used in Asia or worry beads used in the Middle East,” she explains. “The basic recipe is the action of rubbing on the stone and holding thoughts or intentions to either alleviate stress, to pray or to meditate.”

To use your worry stone…

“Hold onto your worry stone and massage your thumb into the middle of the stone,” says Lahoud. “This repetitive action can help to shift your focus from whatever is causing your stress onto something that you can fidget with, much like a stress ball, without indulging in an unhealthy habit such as nail biting.

You can benefit from the stone simply by holding onto it and allowing the crystal’s energy to alleviate your worries. Keep it in your pocket for easy access throughout the day.”



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