5D Healing Crystals


The #8 Prosperity Star is strong this year, strengthened by the FIRE energy of the period 9. Having your bedroom or office in this area will be very beneficial for you. The RAT born and the middle son will benefit from this auspicious star the most. The Laughing Buddha in Dragon, when placed correctly, can help attract lots of wealth, luck, positivity, and blessings in your home. The feng shui laughing buddha sitting in dragon is a powerful symbol of wealth, happiness and prosperity. This auspicious figure can attract good fortune and ward off negative energy in the year of the Wood Dragon, 2024. The laughing buddha represents joy and contentment, while the dragon represents strength and success. Together, they form a harmonious combination that can enhance the chi of any space. It can be placed next to your bed if you have just moved into a new house or apartment. Material: Resin and glass H: 7 inches W: 5 inches A detailed instruction on Activation, proper placement and Do's and Don'ts will be provided.

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