Our story

We started 5D Healing Crystals 5 years ago because we wanted to share all the wonders of crystal healing and its positive impact on our lives. 

We believe every Crystalline deserves to experience the same joy, excitement and bliss in a crystal journey.

Through the years, we have established relationships with our suppliers to ensure we get ethically sourced, high quality and authentic crystals. We know the value of energy and we make sure every crystal from 5D is obtained in a loving, positive way. 

Every piece is handpicked and curated to make sure that the crystals vibrate to the highest possible frequency for the highest good of the next crystal custodian.

We can get crystals in massive quantities from different sources but we choose to prioritize energetic integrity and authenticity above all else. We only get it from someone we trust. 

We urge you to do the same. When you buy a crystal that you wear and put in your home or workplace, make sure to get it from a source you trust.

Love is in the core of 5D.  Our mission is to make pure, high frequency and authentic crystals readily available for every Filipino at an affordable price. 

We envision a 5D World where love, equality and peace govern. 

Your positive feedbacks and lifechanging stories inspire us to continue this cosmic journey.

Love and Infinite Blessings, Crystalline!