5D Healing Crystals



Pixiu or Piyao is a mythical creature in Chinese culture that is believed to attract wealth and ward off evil. It has a dragon head, a lion body, and no anus, which means it can only ingest money and not expel it. The wealth luck attracting prowess of the pi yao is held in such high esteem by the Chinese that some casinos even go to the extent of not allowing any guest to enter their premises if they are found to be carrying one. This is because it is also associated with indirect wealth and windfall luck. It is said that they are able to provide protection to its owners against legal problems, conflicts, obstacles impeding success and bad luck in general. They should never be placed in kitchens, bedrooms and toilets.


Material: glass H: 1.5 inches W: 3 inches


A printed, detailed instructions on proper placement and Do's and Don'ts will be provided.

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