5D Healing Crystals



#7 Violent Star: This unfavorable star brings with it severe bad luck and tidings. It is a metal element associated with financial loss, robbery, theft, betrayal and violence. It is wise to safeguard this area with VERY STRONG cures such as this combination of selenite, black tourmaline, Blue Rhino elephant and other items that will be outlined on the printed instruction. This home protection cure is a must have for ALL Animal Zodiac Signs. The Three Killings “sarmsaat” brings 3 kinds of misfortune and is one of the afflictions that needs immediate remedying as we enter any new year. In 2024, the Three Killings afflicts the South sector, which also houses the Loss Star #7. Being the Direct Spirit of the new Period of 9, in which we are in the inaugural year, it becomes even more imperative to control this affliction, South being one of this Period’s most important sectors. This set shelters against harm of all kinds, especially harm that comes through means that are totally out of your control. (Market crash, investments going bad, being cheated or scammed, force majeure, natural disaster.) Place this powerful protection combo in the correct area to shield against robbery, theft, disloyalty and betrayal, as well as natural disasters and other such afflictions. Provides strong protection against reversals of fortune and helps ensure the external environment does not turn against you. Imperative for both physical and financial protection in 2024!

Rhino elephant size: H: 2.5 inches W: 3.5 inches

A printed instruction on activation and correct placement the next f3 years will be provided.

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