5D Healing Crystals



The Relationship Star #4 governs relationship, romance and love. It promotes networking and collaboration, and enhance one's popularity. This auspicious star will benefit Patriarchs and Leaders, as well as the Pig and Dog. A pair of Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks in Green Aventurine for Flying Star #4. Mandarin Ducks symbolise long-lasting happiness in relationships. A popular feng shui symbol for love and romance, Mandarin ducks form a strong and lasting bond with their mates, and they represent loyalty, devotion and happiness in relationships. Rose quartz is a crystal that enhances love energy and heals emotional wounds. It opens the heart to give and receive love, and it creates a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. By placing rose quartz mandarin ducks in your home, you can attract or improve your love life, as well as enjoy more harmony and tranquility with your partner. Rose quartz mandarin ducks can also help you overcome any obstacles or challenges in your relationship, and strengthen your connection and communication with your loved one. H: 1.5 inches W: 2.5 inches


An information card detailing proper placement for the next 3 years and instructions will be provided.

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