5D Healing Crystals



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For support from God of the Year The Tai Sui or God of the Year is said to be the deity in charge of everything that happens on earth in any particular year. There are 60 Tai Suis in all, and each year is ruled over by a different Tai Sui, until the cycle completes and restarts. By displaying the image of the Tai Sui of the year in one’s home, you are paying homage to the Tai Sui, bringing him onto your side. The blessings of the Tai Sui can be tremendous; as can his wrath. It is thus customary for Chinese at the start of each year to offer prayers to the Tai Sui of the year, seeking his support and his blessings. 2024 is ruled over by General Li Cheng and he resides in the Southeast.


Place his plaque in the Southeast sector of the home and office in 2024.

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