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A gorgeous gem that connects to the throat and the heart chakras, Chrysocolla clears a pathway for love to flow straight from the heart to the tip of the tongue so you can express all that you desire. Along with shades of love, growth, and gorgeous communication, Chrysocolla builds social skills and uses its goddess energy to energize your soul so you can attract the right people. If you feel like you are constantly wasting time with the wrong people, Chrysocolla will help the universe to send you exactly what is needed. 

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz is an amazing stone that has the ability to bring energies of universal love into your life so that you can be amazed by how much the universe adores you.

This feeling of love will create in you a sense of personal importance that will enable you to withstand any obstacles being thrown at you in your everyday life.

When you start believing in yourself, that is when everyone else will start believing in you and your abilities as well.

Strawberry Quartz will also bring with it energies of friendship and you will soon be making a lot of new friends with people you didn’t expect.

Strawberry Quartz is a stone for love and can help you to find your perfect love partner. It is extremely useful for promoting self-love and teaches us that we must take care of our own health first, both physical and mental, if we want to help others.


Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz

The most important love stone, the pearly pink and gentle glimmer of the Rose Quartz. One of the most beloved heart chakra stones, Rose Quartz is rich in feminine energy and ripe with compassion. Ever ready to fill you right up, Rose Quartz builds your trust, tolerance, and levels of true unconditional love. Whether you want to heal old wounds so you can be free with your heart again or if you are ready to attract a love that will light you up, the Rose Quartz brings a thousand sweet sparkles to fill your soul to the brim.


Aquamarine For Love And Relationships 

The energies of Aquamarine will help you become more sensitive to the needs and feelings of your partner. It will help you tune in to their emotions, and they don’t even have to say a word for you to know how they are feeling.

You will pay more attention to the unspoken words and indirect messages. You will listen to what they mean and not what they say, and you will anticipate their needs, emotions, and reactions.

Aquamarine will also imbue you with tolerance and understanding so that you will not be easily offended, angered, or annoyed.

Aquamarine is an excellent stone to use when you need closure on your relationship or with your feelings for someone.

The energies that you can get from this stone will help answer many of the questions going through your mind.

It will quell that tendency in you to ask “what if?” or to dwell on what could have been. Instead, it will make you realize that things happen for a reason.

The universe has other plans for you, which is why you are where you are now.

In the olden times, couples wore aquamarine to build true love rather than lust. This is connected to the moon and harbors the healing and calming nature of the sea. If you're looking to rebuild your relationship on firm grounds, aquamarine is a great stone to invest in.




The rosy stone of Rhodonite is a firm favorite with the love crowd. For those who feel their life needs a splash of romantic love right now to top it up, this stone shimmers with forgiveness. It’s easy to don rose-tinted glasses when dealing with new love but this stone serves as a reminder that sometimes love isn’t all light but can be shot with moments of confusion and pain. When we have the power and self-confidence to recognize this truth and to use our inner strength we can harness forgiveness and move forward rather than getting stuck in cycles that do not serve us.



Similar to other heart chakra stones such as Rose Quartz Chrysoprase helps attract the abundance of love, which makes it a gem when it comes to matters of the heart. If you're struggling with heartbreak or loneliness, this beautiful stone has the power to instantly connect you to the loving energy of the heart chakra. 

Chrysoprase promotes joy and happiness and brings through the vibration of Divine Truth.

They help to promote feelings of love and of forgiveness, and atthe same time it also helps to heal the heart from depression and anxiety.



Attracting love

Is Moonstone Good for Love? Moonstone can help to attract love in one's life. At the same time, the stone awakens love not only for the other person but also for yourself. In ancient times, people wore brooches with a moonstone on their chests to attract love. They believed that the stone helped them quickly cope with loneliness and find their soul mate. 


The mineral is known as a feminine stone that enhances feminine energy and attunes energy cycles. Women especially feel the effects of the moonstone, it awakens in every woman love for herself, helping her realize her strengths and awaken the energy to fulfill her most cherished desires.

The mother-child bond

Moonstone is a mineral that affects a pregnant woman. Even during pregnancy, it helps to create a strong bond between the mother and her child. Such a bond is true pure love.

An amulet for the senses

This mineral protects the feelings of two lovers, and it also helps to keep tender feelings for life. This is the first time that the stone has been given to the beloved couple who will be able to overcome all obstacles and adversities and maintain their devoted feelings. And if the couple was a quarrel, a rift, the lovers are advised to wear rings with moonstone: it is believed that they can successfully overcome obstacles to a happy life together.


This Moonstone brings out the tenderness, dreaminess, and sensitivity in those who are in love. It helps to achieve harmony in relationships, so this stone is very good for people who are firm, not accustomed to listening to the opinions of others, with a strong, explosive character. 

Calmness and tranquility

The mineral has the property of calming and affecting one's emotional state. The stone helps to balance emotions, and this directly affects the quality of relationships between people. Moonstone helps not only to cope with emotions but also to find mutual understanding and come to an agreement.


Moonstone has been known for centuries and has always been considered a valuable mineral endowed with many amazing properties.

In Indian culture, moonstone was considered a sacred stone, brought by Lakshmi and Vishnu to earth. It was modular, along with other gems, that Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu used to create the twelve-armed goddess Devi.

In India, this stone is considered sacred, a true symbol of love and passion, capable of awakening love in a person. It used to be even sold only in yellow cloth, as yellow is a sacred color.

In the East, the moonstone was called the "talisman of love", unmarried girls wore this stone to attract love in their lives. The stone can awaken tender passion, so it is highly valued as a gift for lovers.

In ancient Rome, it was believed that moonstone had a connection with Diana, the goddess of the moon, who bestowed love and wisdom on its wearer. 



It can bring harmony to yourself and to your relationship and help you achieve the peace, love, and contentment that you seek. Iolite can promote pure thoughts and strengthen your intuition. This stone will help you harness your personal power and express your true self!


Bead Size: 6mm


Disclaimer : The crystal bracelets are made from real natural stones that can vary in color, texture, and pattern. We try our best to ensure that our stone colors are consistent. However, all stones may not be exactly as shown on the website.

Our stones may appear lighter, darker, or have variations due to natural conditions. Colours may vary slightly from piece to piece; making each bracelet unique, just like you.

By purchasing any one of 5D Healing Crystals bracelets, you accept the terms of this disclaimer.

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