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Crystals for Safe Travel



This crystal is all about aligning you with synchronistic events that line up in your favor. You will find that suddenly “coincidences” begin to happen, and the universe opens up to you, as if a magical energy surrounds your trip. Bloodstone helps you meet helpful people along your journey and build harmonious relationships with them.


is the traveler’s stone. It has a reputation for being protective while traveling, especially to people traveling over water. It holds the spectrum of light within it, so it’s very uplifting, similar to the feeling you get when you see a rainbow. Moonstone is believed to bring good fortune and grant wishes to those who wear it or carry a piece on their body. I always add a small moonstone to my luggage to ensure that it does not get lost.


Amethyst repels negative energy and connects you with your spiritual practice. It’s a powerful stone to carry in your pocket to protect you from the evil eye, which can affect your luck while traveling. It transmutes any unwanted energy into love, emitting positivity. Amethyst is also a natural stress reliever to calm your fears, uplift your mood and inspire joy. Each morning while you’re traveling, meditate with a piece of amethyst in each hand to start your day rejuvenated and relaxed.


Malachite is believed to be the guardian stone for travelers. Ancient lore states that if danger is looming, it will warn you by shattering into pieces. If you need to overcome the fear of flying or are suffering from jet lag, Green Aventurine will prove to be your ally. Its eye-like pattern holds the energy of protection from accidents and physical danger. Hold a Green Aventurine stone in each hand while flying or keep one in your pocket to soothe your nerves. It’s a stone of change and transformation, which makes it helpful for jet lag, allowing you to energetically shift from one state to another. Green Aventurine is a stone you will want to clear often as it absorbs a lot of energy.


 is the master for protection when travelling. Its grounding properties can protect against the negative energies of frustrated drivers and fellow travellers in airports. In fact, it's one of thebest all-round crystals for protection. You may also find it useful in other crowded environments, such as tourist attractions or train stations.

Aside from its energetic shielding, Mahogany Obsidian can promote a more positive and laid back approach when travelling. If you need a bear hug of reassurance, it's a great crystal to choose.

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