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Triple Flame Corinto Quartz (Rare)


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Corinto Quartz crystals represent hope. The inner knowing that there is a different, more promising, richer, more joyful reality that we can create for ourselves, simple by allowing it to be so. I love these beautiful stones. They come from the mines outside of the town of Corinto in Brazil. I put one of them on my altar for a few days and then sat down to channel with it. Here is what the crystal revealed:

Dear one, you hold in your hand the solid representation of Light. It is the light which permeates all Beings, the perfect form. Use this light to illuminate a tangled path. Call upon this crystal when things look hopeless and it will assist you in lighting a new way. At this time in human evolution, great turmoil is manifesting, and we (the crystals) have chosen to appear to assist you.

This crystal family carries information, the blueprint if you will, of an age of peace and abundance. Each individual crystal has specific information for the person who is drawn to it. The stones speak with the language of love which is Universal and understood by all.

We will help you to realize in concrete ways that are specific to each individual, how to give up the struggle of life and open up to the flow of abundance that is always available. How to be the water that flows around all obstacles easily and with Grace.

Each person will only be drawn to one stone, and this is the crystal which has agreed to journey with that particular person. It will provide a connection to the inner light within, where all the answers are known, spoken in a language that all humans can understand. There is nothing that you need to know which is outside of yourself.

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