5D Healing Crystals



The sound of bell can transform bad chi into good one. Space Cleansing: The sound produced by a Feng Shui bell has purifying properties, helping to cleanse the energy in a room and eliminate any lingering negativity. Stagnant Energy Activation: The resonant tones can be used to break up stagnant energy, promoting a free flow of positive chi and revitalizing areas that feel stuck or lethargic. Misfortune Star Counteraction: When a certain area is afflicted by a Misfortune Star, a bell is believed to help counteract these negative influences by introducing positive vibrations into the afflicted space. Energetic Balance: The ringing of a bell restores energetic equilibrium by dispelling any imbalances or disharmonies present in the surroundings.

Material: Brass

H: 7.5 inches

A detailed instruction on correct placement will be provided.


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